Are businesses exposing consumers to credit card fraud?


Just recently, I was privy to experiencing first-hand, businesses overtly ignoring one of the simplest methods of protecting consumers against credit card fraud, that is, asking for an identification card when running a credit card.

In one day I visited three businesses in the Liguanea area and on all occasions, no identification was requested even though my VISA-Debit card was run as a credit card on all occasions. I was appalled at the first occurrence and even more so on the second and third occasion that I had to ask the attendants how sure they were that the card they just ran as a credit card belonged to me- on both occasions they expressed remorse, equally, on both occasions no one requested verification.

The issue seems to be pervasive as this business community is not the only one in which this poor activity took place. For the multiple times that my card has been run as credit this year, to date, identification was requested for only about 40% of the transactions. (40 per cent!! Poor indeed)

In a society plagued by crime, and with cybercrimes on the rise, businesses ought to do more to protect their customers from possible fraud, especially one that can be averted by following protocol and requesting identification.

As a country, we tend to be too focused on the big issues while so many little issues slip through the cracks amounting on most occasions to bigger problems than those that would have been created by the big issues- businesses too falling victims to this uncouth trend. Had my card been stolen, these businesses could have easily aided a criminal in robbing me of my family’s hard earned money (that’s increasingly difficult to attain).

If any major fraud had gone down by simply ignoring the protocol of requesting IDs from customers using credit cards then the first thing that we (Jamaicans) would do is to throw the government into hot water. So as a prophylactic, if businesses won’t observe this protocol, I am asking the government to make them- in the interest of all consumers, citizens and non-citizens of this nation.

Aujaé K. Dixon
Twitter: @aujae_dixon


2 thoughts on “Are businesses exposing consumers to credit card fraud?

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  1. This is a real problem. I’ve seen it happen alot of time. Additionally u can tell them u want to use your credit card as a debit and they allow it . It’s really sad

  2. True. When my bro gives me his card to use, I just use it, imagine if it was lost. ANYBODY could just use it

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