UWI Guild President concerned about the state of tertiary financing


With the recent comments by the Minister of Education surrounding the poor state of funds at the SLB, one student leader has come out batting for his fellow students and suggesting an array of changes to Minister Thwaites.
President of the Guild of Students UWI Mona, Lerone Laing, stated in a press release that he is overly concerned about the state of access to means of tertiary financing.
Laing laments the deleterious effects that the lack of funding could have on the hopes and visions of aspiring professionals. The President dreads the return of tertiary education “to the days where only the rich and elite can afford this luxury.”
The President supports the calls by Edward Seaga, former Prime Minister and Dayton Campbell, Member of Parliament, for the creation of a dedicated fund for an education tax. Jamaica currently has an education tax which the Presidents suggests should go to a National Trust to provide relief to contributors and their children, operating in a manner similar to existing trusts such as the HEART Trust (for technical and vocational studies) and National Housing Trust.
In a bid to join the solution, Mr. Laing has moved to set up a task force to examine the current mechanism of tertiary funding with the eventual goal of recommending to government a better way forward for funding the ever increasing cost of tertiary education.

Aujaé K. Dixon
-El Comandante-


The press release can be viewed via the link below:


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