Roger Clarke: Exceptional Public Servant to the End


Jovial, affable, high-spirited, trailblazer, leader, hardworking, respectful, respectable, are only some of the terms that have been used to address a man whose name became synonymous with agriculture in all households. Roger Clarke was a people person; witty and captivating on the political platform and accommodative and transformative in his role as a government minister.

We indeed lost a very valuable son of the soil. Roger’s respect transcended all political boundaries and all social strata. Clarke served in his numerous capacities with passion and enthusiasm. His commitment to his ministerial duties was unquestionable, his love for his constituents undisputable and his love for his party irrefutable.

Minister Clarke’s death came as a surprise to me as his last interview sent such a strong message that he was coming home. In that interview, Clarke mentions giving up rum and losing weight- drawing a comparison between the new him that we’ll see and Usain Bolt. God, however, had different plans for our son of the soil and called him home on Thursday at 74 years old.

To Mr. Clarke’s family, heartfelt condolences. Our souls reach out to you as we all reflect on the life of this giant of a public servant. You have run a good race Roger! Walk good!
-El Comandante-


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