President-Elect Trump: The Unsurprising Surprise 

Before I go any further, let me be clear that I was in active support of neither of the two Presidential candidates. Also, since there is a tendency to brand anyone that isn’t a Clinton groupie to be pro-Trump or a part of a basket of deplorables, let us also dispel veracity of that branding- it is flawed, it is stupid and it gave you President Trump! 

I am furthering a conversation that I put forward via many tweets and posts over the electioneering period. 

When the Democratic National Convention allegedly rigged the elections against the unelectable, anti-establishment candidate for the electable, pro-establishment, entitled candidate, I knew that Democrats were in deep trouble. The media became accomplices to the DNC’s plot; vigorously opposing Sanders’ candidacy and seeking to create fear about Democratic Socialism, all while propping up Hillary Clinton on a pedestal, not knowing that they were setting her up for the eventual defeat. 

 What they didn’t understand (or refused to acknowledge) was that these elections were never about socialism vs capitalism, nor about more conservative vs more liberal, who was more democratic or more republican but about who was less establishment! In a packed field of candidates across the two main parties, only two persons represented the “anti-establishment”- Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. 

So when the election boiled down to a battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it essentially became narrowed down to the establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton and the anti-establishment candidate, Donald Trump. From this point, the DNC’s electable candidate was in deep trouble. 

The Polls

When the Presidential race is between a man described as being bigoted and racist, and the angel sent by God to save the world and the margin in any major poll never made it to double figures, the Democrats should have known that they were in poop and in very very deep. Those same polls would have shown Sanders outperforming Trump by significant figures nationally while the primaries were still going on- this all while the media and DNC gave Sanders very little regard and the bitter end of the stick to ensure that the weaker candidate went forward.

Tuesday’s surprise

I tried being a little bit surprised by the election results like the majority of my fellows.  I just couldn’t because I knew that I wasn’t at all surprised by the election results. Months ago, I told my peers that I could never support Hillary Clinton for many reasons that she and the media hid. Months ago, I also told them that that was the sentiment of many Americans and that Trump would win and why he would win. They often rebutted with the colourful defense that the pro-Clinton media gave to them, not realizing that Americans have been observing Clinton prior to 2015/16 and weren’t fooled by the sham being fed to them for the purpose of winning elections. 

In the grand scheme of things, many didn’t vote for Donald Trump but against Hillary Clinton. So for the school of thought that believe that everyone who voted Donald is a racist, sexist, P^$$¥ grabbing bigot- you are wrong! People wanted change and Hillary did not represent that change. As terrifying as it was/is, Donald represented that change. Bernie also did but the DNC establishment ensured that they drowned him out for Hillary Clinton. Donald was being real and what you saw was what you got. Hillary on the other hand, we didn’t know who she was and she was hard to trust and what to expect was really a mystery.

The Clinton Strategy

Between DNC confirming their establishment candidate and Election Day, there was hardly a change in the Clinton strategy. The strategy was simple and very mediocre: attack Trump, attack Trump, get some friends to attack Trump, ensure that the media attacks Trump and if that fails, attack Trump’s wife, get friends to attack his wife and get the media to attack his wife and when that fails, attack his children… I heard little from the Clinton camp about why she should be elected and what she brought to the table. The tweets from her account were hardly ever about Hillary but about Donald Trump. 

It is said that Donald spent half as much as Hillary on ads and that’s because he was getting free ads all day, all night. And from Clinton’s paid ads, maybe half were focused on Donald Trump so right there…. even more ads unpaid for.  

If one compares Trump’s evils with Hillary’s good, as the media campaign did, then we’ll be sure to believe that she was the better candidate, and he, the worst candidate ever. If, however, you are like me, observing the good and evil side of each candidate and not buying into media propaganda, then you’d find that they were probably both the same (or Clinton worst… *unpopular opinion*).

Moving forward, USA and the world must accept that Donald Trump is President-elect and will quite possibly make a better President than Hillary Clinton ever would. As one who’s definitely not conservative, my only regret from Tuesday is that none of the Houses went to the Democrats but did they bring this situation on themselves…


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