Dear Prosperity Clan

How much of your “tax break” money is left now after all a these tax? Like how you just buy the piece a land, how you feel about the property tax sham? 

And if you don’t own you house and land already, I hope funds looking turnt to acquire that dream in the short term and leave something for tours after tours after tours! 

Tell me how much more gas a go get tax??? Because surely I’ve realized that getting a car this year might be too ambitious so I going link my cousin to lend me that donkey of his! Beep beep affi go get substituted for bray bray! 

And you really think company going absorb the increase in insurance premium? How you feel about that tax that going take some more of your “tax break” money? 

And like how we know you from the higher income bracket and surely use more electricity in your home, how di light bill looking with the new GCT dropping in? 

After all of this, you think anything going left to pay the 5 per cent contribution to your pension? 

And Mr Minister man, after so many taxes on gas, you really tell taxi driver say dem no need no increase? I mean, we understand that most of them are poor, and that’s not really your priority. But dem family need prosperity too and you keep draining the likkle profit with gas tax after tax after tax. 

Oii Mr Man weh get trick fi 18 grand, you never know you nah go get it if you don’t work? I know you want take back your vote but… It’s too late for that now… Ohhh, you Granny did too ambitious bout she a buy prime property land because to how it looking, a just three year you have lef pon dat piece a land. 

And Miss lady, weh sell your vote for 5 grand, I hope you still have 4 because this is just the end of year one.

Wait deh prosperity clan, why you stop tweet prosperity all day every day? A run it run out already? Or it get prosperity tax too? 

What a scam, what a sham… All a dis madness fi 18 grand!

By now you realize that of this government, I’m not a big fan.


Not a Part of Prosperity Clan,

Did not vote for this rahtid scam!


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